Behind the song

One of the good things about being a songwriter is that you get to tell stories, both your own and your friends’, whether they are real or not.

This song is actually based on a true story. I wrote it in Austin, Texas with my good friend and songwriter colleague Janne Mark and the local singer/songwriter Maggie Walters the first time I stayed at ‘the House of Songs’.

Besides writing songs, swimming and biking we played some gigs around town and met a lot of friendly and warm people. One of them was Gretchen, who booked us to play at Romeo’s. I instantly fell in love with Austin; the vibe, the food, the music and all the fun stores where you can walk around for hours. After being away from our families for some time, we wanted to go buy some souvenirs to bring back home with us. Without knowing it was Labor Day, we asked Gretchen if it was possible to go shopping to which she could only respond:

“Well, actually today is a SUPER day for shopping!”

and Boom!, the hook for this song was born!
We’ve been trying to capture that special Austin-vibe in the music with a bluesy and unpretentious way of telling the story of a girl who has shopping as her guilty pleasure! Back in the studio my danish band turned this song into a real radio-hit!