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“It pays to be patient and the album is surely a nice, calm and melodic contribution to a hectic world. Kirstine Birk is a great singer-songwriter, who it is a pleasure to listen to.”Alt For Damerne, February 2013

“Both voices and music on the low key EP ‘On The Flipside’ sound delicate. Beautifully sung and musically secure and competent executed...
Kirstine Birk sings: “I fell into the sea, I fell into a dream”, and it does actually sound as if you were sucked in to some kind of a dream, a dream with a soundtrack in tones of blue...
...The tempo is slowing down in the song “He’ll never Tell” and Kirstine Birk delivers a more naked vocal, backed up by the music in a way that follows the dynamic of the voice. A subtle and delicate soundscape, a conscious choice…
If you like calm, well produced and well sung, melancholic pop, you should check this out!”GFR, March 2016

“Kirstine Birk is a pleasant surprise, as long as you take time to dive into her music. She is a true songwriter, who keeps the tab high, in both her lyrics and music. The music is a mixture of country, folk and pop - a blend that Kirstine Birk manages in a very evocative way. Here is room for calm, thoughtfulness as a contrast to life in the fast lane,“Gro Høyer Thielst, GAFFA, June 2006

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