Different Phases


Different phases

Tekst og musik af Kirstine Birk

No one ever told us what to do
About the different phases love goes through
we would not have listened anyway
to what anybody had to say

Now we sure could use some good advice
another point of view – a new pair of eyes
or someone who could see it wrong from right
or help us do the things we haven’t tried

And it takes some patience – these phases of love
There’s no use in wasting our time anymore
so since we’ve made this vow
let’s go on anyhow

I believe that we can make it through
it’s just another chance for me and you
for staying in the present – leaving the past
who said it was meant to happen fast?

‘cause it takes some patience – these phases we go through
I’m not afraid of facing this challenge with you
Yes, it takes some patience – living as two
But I don’t mind waiting – waiting with you
We’ll try to wait as one – for our time to come